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Brennan's Ass Tattoo March 3rd

the countdown to 

...a day of passionate merrymaking, unfettered extravagance, and senseless overindulgence!


Ladies and Gentlemen, the day of reckoning is nearly upon us!

On December 12, 2010, a seed was planted deep in the above butt, figuratively speaking, and on March 3, 2018 that seed's going to blossom into a beautiful butterfly of a party that will once and for all show our parents that we're finally grown up and know how to party. And we need YOU to help make this dream a reality!

Right now, we need one crucial ingredient to get this party cocktail stirred: crowd sourced funding!

After a rigorous selection process, we have decided to take our talents to Austin, Texas where we will revel in the fruits of the Lone Star state, including but not limited to roping broncos, bar crawling amongst cowboys, and basking in boot scootin' live music, amongst more irresponsible activities that involve an oversaturated house party without parental supervision.

Got ideas for the Ass Party? Send them to

Mark your calendars and save the date. Put your vacation requests in now.

Sign up for email updates here so you can keep abreast of breaking Ass Party developments. Or, better yet, if you're on, join our facebook event for the most efficient updates.

But most importantly, show your support for the Ass Party with a donation at our GoFundMe page. 10% of proceeds plus all leftover money will be donated to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance. No donation is too small.

I love you, and may the wind be at our sails.


Team Ass Party


donate here!

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