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Here’s some good info about transportation to and from the airport: click here

I will print out a bunch of these maps and pass them out on Friday.


The Crawl will end within walking distance of the Extended Stay on 6th Street and should be pretty convenient for everyone else staying downtown in different hotels. (For those staying in the Party House aka Crunk Mansion, unfortunately there will be no bus service at the end of the night to get back to the house, so we might have to team up and split Ubers.)

Bar Crawl Attire: Dress for a rowdy night on the town. We will all be unified by Mardi-Gras-type beads that have been custom designed with Ass Party flair (big thanks to Ross-man for hooking that up).


Pro-tip: Use the buddy system! Once we get crawling, it’ll be tough to stop the train. No one gets left behind and everybody makes it home safe. Safety is so fuckin key!

House Address: The Party House address is 16200 E Lakeshore Dr., Austin, TX 78734

HOWEVER, if you plug this in using Google Maps, sometimes it takes you to the wrong place down the street (it works fine with Apple Maps). Here’s a map to clear up any confusion:

Saturday: Ass Party Day

Morning Bus Service: For those of you staying downtown, the bus will pick you up from the Extended Stay America at 600 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78701 (at the corner of 6th St and Guadalupe St), probably in the parking lot, and it will make 2 trips to the house: first trip is at 10:30am and the next trip is roughly 11:30am or as soon as the driver can make it back – it’s about 30 mins each way. If you miss the buses (busses?) you’ll probably have to Uber out to Crunk Town.


Catered Brunch: We’ve got a hearty brunch to rid you of your filthy hangover. It goes from 11:00am until 1:00pm, so getting on the first bus might be a veteran move.


Party Attire: There’s a pool, a lake, a hot tub, a few bathtubs – dress for a pool party! Bring at least 50 pieces of flair! Also, we’re hoping for great weather, but a smart partyer might bring an extra layer in case the sun plays hard to get.


Alcohol: We will have kegs and a lot of pool-and-lake-friendly cases of canned beer, as well as large coolers filled with premixed drinks. If you’re looking for more options outside of that, feel free to bring stuff of your own. We’ll also have a bunch of bottled water because hydration is also so fucking key!


Catered Dinner: Dinner will be served at 7:00pm and we got some damn good Texas BBQ that will make you praise the lord.


Entertainment: Oh, there will be entertainment.


Evening Bus Service: At the end of the night, the bus will return to bring party animals back downtown to the Extended Stay – the first bus will depart for downtown at 11:00pm for anybody that is partied out. The second bus will depart for downtown at 1:00am.


Things to Bring:

  • Swimsuit

  • Towel

  • Pool floats if you got ‘em – noodles, rafts, water wings, etc. We’ll provide a bunch too.

  • Your game face


Things Not to Bring:

  • Valuables

  • A Scarface amount of drugs… use your own judgement there

  • Fireworks, sadly – apparently it’s a pretty serious fire hazard which is lame

  • Pets – pets unfortunately are not allowed in the house or the pool. Owners are hard on this rule. They never said they weren’t allowed on the property, but if you plan to roll the dice with this, understand that your pet might get booted if owners find out. And please clean up after your pet. And let me pet that good boy.

Ladies: There will be a designated room/bathroom organized by my gf, Kerry, where you can change, shower, etc. If you have any questions, you can email Kerry at


Parking: If for some reason you plan to drive to the party you must be parked on the driveway, which can only hold a handful of cars, and even less with catering vans and what not parked there. Do not park on the grass or on the street, you could get towed. But let me know if you need a spot and we'll try to hook that up.


Smoking: Technically, smoking isn’t allowed on the property, but let’s get real. All I’ll say is maybe try to properly dispose of your cig butts (empty beer can: key). Will make Sunday cleanup a lot easier, too.


IMPORTANT: So that you are aware, the same people that own the Party House also own and operate Austin’s Boat Tours which is directly next door to the Party House (you can see on the map above). You will probably not meet these people or come in contact with them, but if you do, please remember that these people are our friends because a) they’re cool with us throwing a party, and b) we’re probably better off if we’re all on the same team.


Finally, please remember that we all win if nobody goes to:

  • Jail

  • A hospital

  • Negative Town

Can’t wait to blow the roof off the damn thing with all of you.





You can also download a pdf of this info by clicking here: PDF

Arriving in Austin

Friday: Bar Crawl Day

The main attraction on Friday will be the Bar Crawl on 6th Street in downtown Austin. The Crawl will begin at 7:30pm at Two Bucks (address below). There are definitely some good food options at these bars, but it could be a good move to eat beforehand too. Up to you.

Bar Crawl Map:

  1. Two Bucks (503 E 6th St.) – “This casual cocktail bar took over the super-depressing karaoke/poker place. As the name suggests, pay $2 to spin the wheel and win beers, cocktails, and shots.”

  2. Buckshot (422 E 6th St.) – “Super-cheap well drinks, and TONS of fun shots with names like “Lindsey Lohan”, “Gorilla Fart,” and “3 Hos and a Reindeer.” Can’t go wrong with the pickleshot.”

  3. Burnside’s Tavern (413 E 6th St.) – “This place has a dark, moody atmosphere, but don’t let the huge chandeliers fool you -- keep your drinks simple."

  4. The Jackelope (404 E 6th St.) – “The spot for cold beer, killer burgers, friendly service, and ill-advised whiskey shots served by tattooed ladies.”

  5. Maggie Mae’s (323 E 6th St.) – “Classic Sixth St appeal with a great rooftop view.”

  6. The Chuggin’ Monkey (219 E. 6th St.) – “Divey, with people constantly dancing to either live music or just the speaker system, this place has a much better vibe than other bars.”

  7. Buffalo Billiards (201 E 6th St.) – “Between the darts, pool, shuffleboard, Star Trek pinball, and that game where you try to punch a thing harder than your friends... it’s easy to lose a few hours here.”

Bar Crawl Route (descriptions plagiarized from Thrillist):

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